Andy & Stefanie | Wedding Highlight | “Walaupun Kamu Sering Marah”

Approximately 1 week ago I had the opportunity to document my friend Andy Tanujaya marrying his newly wed wife Stefanie Margaretha at the beautiful venue at Caversham House. This is probably the first time I shoot a wedding solo (without second shooter/helper) and was a good exercise for me as I run back and forth trying to get all my 4 cameras under control. Luckily, the wedding was in outdoor and I have plenty of space to move around without causing much disruption!

Most of the people here are friends with that I shared with the bride and groom, and its amazing how all of them put their hardwork together in making a successful wedding day.

What’s more impressive is how Andy and Stefanie has gone through 4 years of long distance relationship and make it through today! I’m sure all those waiting is worth it as they can start begin their family together from this day forward

We hope this video will do their relationship justice and show how much love was shared between the two of them. I wish both of you all the happiness and love

With love,


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