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Here’s some pre-valentine warmth for you…

A massive chunk of my time last week was spent on perfecting the edit of this love story film. I ended up with 4 drafts before finally settling with this edit. Why? Well, first because I was just being too picky with details but also because I want to do justice with Arif & Eva beautiful love story.

I’ve known Arif for quite some time. And for most of the time he is known as the single guy that just haven’t found luck with a girl. And a lot of us wonder how much longer before he strike gold.

Little did we know that he would struck diamond instead.

When they approach me with their love story, I wasn’t sure on how to define it in a film. Mainly, because they never had the traditional ring proposal, which is common in some Asian culture.

However, in those culture, the tradition is that the guy had to ask the girl to be his girlfriend. And when I heard this part of their story I knew I had to make that the centre of the film. So I did.

Congrats Arif & Eva for recently tying the knot. And I hope this love story film continues to remind you of how God thought about you two, before you even met each other.

Enjoy :)

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