Arif & Eva | Love Story | Y E S

Here’s some pre-valentine warmth for you…

A massive chunk of my time last week was spent on perfecting the edit of this love story film. I ended up with 4 drafts before finally settling with this edit. Why? Well, first because I was just being too picky with details but also because I want to do justice with Arif & Eva beautiful love story.

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Andy & Stefanie | Wedding Highlight | “Walaupun Kamu Sering Marah”

Approximately 1 week ago I had the opportunity to document my friend Andy Tanujaya marrying his newly wed wife Stefanie Margaretha at the beautiful venue at Caversham House. This is probably the first time I shoot a wedding solo (without second shooter/helper) and was a good exercise for me as I run back and forth trying to get all my 4 cameras under control. Luckily, the wedding was in outdoor and I have plenty of space to move around without causing much disruption!

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Johannes Soetandi

Annice Sugiyanto

Hanna Veronica
Feryando Firdaus
Giovani Elisya
Ribkah Setiadi
Gershom Ong
Andrew Nguyen
Benny Wijaya
Andre Azis
Dimas P Joesoef

Theodorus Wuisan
Eizer Ong
Johannes Soetandi

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Donny & Devi | Feature Film | “I had to go to her facebook”

You may remember Donny & Devi from their Same Day Edit film a few months back ( Today I am presenting to you their Feature Film to see more of what happened on that beautiful day when they tie the knot, especially to hear the heartfelt speech by Donny towards the end.

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Rio & Yenny | Feature Film | “with love, to the moon and back”

Last year we met with a couple full of warmth, Rio & Yenny, who was as friendly a couple can really get.

We found out the story about how Rio has been trying to show Yenny his feeling toward her while they were still living in Melbourne few years back. Rio tried to show his attention to her by looking after he while she was sick, buying gifts, hanging out with her, and all the things a person in love would do. But apparently those weren’t enough to made Yenny realise that this guy is in love with her..

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Donny & Devi | Same Day Edit | “Enjoy & Get Wild >=P”

This is one of our most anticipated wedding of this year, one of them is because this may be our last wedding produced this year (we are taking an extended break after this).. but apart from that, its because we are just so excited to see Donny and Devi getting married!!

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Stanley & Juliana | Feature Film | “To the one who traveled furthest”

A feature film is a longer version of our usual wedding highlight, the purpose is to capture more of the wedding day special moments without having to sit through the entire ceremony/reception.

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Nigel & Lishan | Wedding Highlight | “You may now shake hand!”

This wedding video has been long overdue, but we’re glad we can finally get to complete Nigel & Li-Shan wedding highlight.

Nigel was obviously very nervous (or excited) on the wedding day as he had numerous time done things in advance of what the celebrant had planned (eg. saying “Yes” before being asked, putting ring in Li-Shan’s finger before being asked for). But at least he had managed to control his nerve/excitement during the wedding kiss.. which was very sweet!

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Tommy & Estelle | Feature Film

Song ‘Best Days’ by Aaron & Andrew and ‘Aerials’ by Lights & Motion licensed via The Music Bed