Nigel & Lishan | Love Story | “300”

Tommy & Estelle | Same Day Edit | “Shake what yo mama gave ya!”

How privileged are we to witness and be part of this beautiful wedding ceremony between Tommy and Estelle During our first meeting, we already felt their friendliness towards us.. and this is always a good thing as we felt like we’re documenting a friend’s wedding!

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Andrew & Alvina | Same Day Edit | “Do you recognize this laugh?”

What a day!

We were stoked when we found out that a lot of the wedding components are hand-made, and includes some of the Indonesian “Javanese” tradition.

The bride’s dress was so beautiful with the Batik accents, and the bride’s mom created one of the coolest flower bouquette, and she also did this amazing centerpiece for the reception. The cake was created by the bride’s aunties and looks magnificent. Her uncle flew all the way from the US only to be here for the weekend. All in all, an amazing showcase of their family and the Indonesian tradition.

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Dacip & Jolin | Same Day Edit | “Opposite attracts..”

I’ve seen some HARLEM SHAKE in a wedding video online, and always wanted to do it too sometime in the future. So when I got the chance to shoot the wedding of one of my best friends, David, in my home church, with the people I know.. I thought “I’m not gonna miss this opportunity!” .. and we did it! :P

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Ashley & Amy | Wedding Highlight | “We are I do..”

Ash and Amy are one of the most friendly and down to earth couple we’ve ever met. Throughout the wedding day they have really treated us as a friend rather than a vendor.. and that really made a difference with how easy the day became for us.

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Yossy & Cindy | Prewedding Photo Session

Once in a while, I do like to take a casual prewedding photos. And here’s of Yossy and Cindy’s :)

Michelle & Khanh | Wedding Highlight | “Ken Leeee..”

Hello 2013!

This is our first video this year and of the very special couple Michelle & Khanh!

Situated at the beautiful Sitella Winery in WA, they couldn’t have asked for a better time, place and weather to get married. Especially with very fun and cheery bridesmaids and groomsmens.

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Quoc & Angela | Same Day Edit | “You may now kiss.. and rock the bride!”

What a year 2012 has been! And to top it up with the wedding of Quoc and Angela couldn’t get any better!

Quoc and Angela was beaming with happiness throughout the day. I didn’t have to remind them to smile, they just do it all the time. You can see it very clearly in the film.. despite having to beat the sweltering 41degC heat on that day!

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Justin & Amy | Wedding Highlight | “For Today, Tomorrow and Forever”

Here’s an emotional wedding highlight of Justin and Amy.

It was obvious there was so much love in the family. In the morning everybody looked rather calm so I wasn’t expecting as much tears throughout the day/night.

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Tevin & Lucinda | Wedding Highlight | “Take it to the Chorus!”

Lucinda is a very beautiful bride

Tevin is a very talented singer, sort of :P

The two of them makes a very perfect couple. And combine them with their wedding parties, they make a very awesome wedding day celebration!

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