Donny & Devi | Feature Film | “I had to go to her facebook”

You may remember Donny & Devi from their Same Day Edit film a few months back ( Today I am presenting to you their Feature Film to see more of what happened on that beautiful day when they tie the knot, especially to hear the heartfelt speech by Donny towards the end.

While editing this piece, I cannot stop thinking how Donny must’ve felt on the first day he met Devi. And how he braved himself to ask her out via Facebook! If you met Donny you’d know he’s not a particularly outgoing person, you can gather that he is quite calm and collected. For him to ask Devi out, it must’ve been a great challenge for him. But he faced the challenge, and he asked her out.

So this day.. this film.. happened.. because of that first step that Donny took. That first facebook message. Those first words Donny say to Devi over chatting.

Sometimes we all need to take that first step, in order for us to reach that final destination we wanted to be at. I cannot help but think.. that if Donny wasn’t brave enough to ask her out that day, would he be this happy today? Probably not. But it doesn’t matter now.. because he made that difficult choice, and its all worth it. And they are happy today!

And this wedding day is another difficult step that both of them had to take. And I’m sure the whole thing will repeat again.. as I believe one day they will look back at this Feature Film, and be glad with the decision they made on this very day, when they said “I do”

Wish you all the happiness in marriage.. to Donny and Devi.

With love,



Cinematography by: Johannes, Jason, Ethan and Jeremy
Edited by: Johannes
Photography by: Sidlefaye Photography
Bride hair & makeup by: Kassy Wong
Songs ‘Disarm’ by Ben Rector and ‘Dwell’ by Tony Anderson licensed via The Music Bed

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