Donny & Devi | Same Day Edit | “Enjoy & Get Wild >=P”

This is one of our most anticipated wedding of this year, one of them is because this may be our last wedding produced this year (we are taking an extended break after this).. but apart from that, its because we are just so excited to see Donny and Devi getting married!!

I have actually met Devi back in high school around 2001. Back then we were both young and looked “ugly”. I remembered Devi being the type of person who hardly wears make up and looked very simple.

Fast forward 12 years later, I received an sms from her looking for a wedding cinematographer. Funnily, I still had her number saved on my phone after all these years despite the fact we never kept in touch. And its quite surprising she did not change her number after all these years.

Cut to the chase, we finally met with both of them in the next few days. And what a difference a 12 years made, Devi was no longer that simple girl in high school.. she looked very pretty. While me? I just gained more weight haha

So we talked a bit more and learnt about their love story. And we just knew that these couple are so perfect with each other. And we know exactly that the wedding day is going to unfold beautifully… and so it did.

Donny looked sharp and in control on the wedding day. And he holds Devi hand like a real gentlemen as he walked with her everywhere. And despite Devi’s dress that makes it difficult to do the dance, Donny was able to kept her on her toe throughout the bridal waltz.

Devi, was without question the prettiest of all that day. She made perfect decision with all her wedding gown, makeup, and accessories. And with her beaming smile, it was easy for our camera to get the best shot out of her.

We finished the same day edit that night. We made a few tweaks before uploading here but this is 95% what we show on the night. We always love doing same day edit.. apart from the adrenaline rush, we love being able to see the couple’s happy reaction at the end of the night after watching the highlights of their day.

Finally, we thank Donny and Devi for entrusting us. And we look forward to deliver their full edit including their Feature Film (it will be uploaded here). Hope you guys have an enjoyable and “wild” marriage.. in a good way :P

With Love,



Cinematographers: Johannes, Jeremy, Ethan and Jason (with his drone!)
Edited by Johannes
Photographed by Sidlefaye
Hair and makeup by Kassy Wong & team
Wedding dress by Vera Wang
Music “Ordinary Love” by Ben Rector licensed via The Music Bed

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