How will you be involved in our wedding day?

We can be one of your groomsmen or bridesmaid if you need us to be.. but as your wedding cinematographers we will film your wedding in a relaxed journalistic style; meaning that we won’t be giving directions in what to do/say on the day, instead we’d let you be yourself and enjoy the companies of the people you love around you. In doing this, we want you to enjoy your day as much as possible without the feeling of awkwardness in posing in front of the camera, unless you’re feeling a bit photogenic on the day.

Would you be non-obtrusive during ceremony?

We believe in the sanctity of a wedding ceremony. We’re not invisible, but we will try as much as we can to avoid blocking the view of your guests. We mainly use telephoto lens which means that we will stand distance away to avoid being a distraction. Your photographer would surely appreciate this as well.

Since you mentioned photographer, will you work well with ours?

Almost all of the time we do. Professional photo and cinematographer will always be able to cooperate during the day. We also have a list of trusted photographers that we have been working with and would gladly refer any of them.

What will be included in my DVD?

Your normal wedding DVD will include a wedding highlight (3-5 mins) and a documentary edit of your full day (1-2 hours) with chapters to help you navigate through it. You can also add optional Feature Film (10-20 minutes). Your DVD will be designed in our custom DVD label and case.

Apart from the DVD you will also get our 8GB USB with all HD format films included in it so you can play it from your computer/laptop, PS3, or any player with USB playback capability.

What is a SAME DAY EDIT?

Same Day Edit is your wedding highlight that we edit on the day and be ready for viewing immediately at the reception night.

Is it possible?


Will it compromise the quality?

Definitely NO! Please watch our Same Day Edit video in our videos page to see it for yourself.

Is it worth the extra investment?

Our Same Day Edit video has often become the highlight of the night for many receptions that we played them in. It’s an excellent way to reflect back after what seemed to be a very quick day. And after the stress and rush is gone, finally be able to sit back and enjoy the moment again together with the people you shared the day with.. before the night ends! Its an excellent feeling!

How about the equipment.. How many cameras and what do you use on the day?

We use minimum of two HDSLR cameras with a bunch of lenses suitable for parts of the day, to give the variety and cinematic feel to your wedding film. We also use sliders, glidecam, tripod/monopod where necessary. Your audio will be captured on a dedicated recorder which ensures we can capture the important speeches clearly.

Do I need to feed you?

We work well when we are fed! …… Otherwise, we will take a time during break to grab a quick meal.

So how much is your package?

We currently only offer one all-inclusive package at $6,900. Pre-wedding film starts at $1,950.

Why do you charge that much?

We believe in the quality of work that we produce and we stood by it. Our price is just a representation of what we feel our video worth your investment.

Another video company is charging less, will you price match?

Unfortunately, we do not offer price match as each company has different business, product style & packages and therefore different pricing.

How can I make a booking? What is your payment plan?

To lock in your booking we need to take a 25% deposit fee. After that, the remaining 75% is payable at least a week before the wedding day. All credit cards payment can be processed via paypal with a surcharge fee.

How long until I receive my DVD?

Your DVD will be ready for collection within 16 weeks after the filming/wedding day.

How important is video on my wedding day? 

We believe a video is an investment. What may seem like a very simple thing today.. will be a very precious thing in the future as you are able to re-lived your special day and tell your story to your loved ones about how your whole love journey has taken you to where you are.

Won’t the photos be enough to capture our wedding day?

Maybe. But you will miss out on the lovely speeches, your wedding vows, your first dance.. and all the emotions that would speak louder in a video than a photo.

Will my handycam do the job? My friend is really good with video!

Of course not. There’s a lot of factors to be considered to turn your video into a beautiful film. Such as the audio, the lighting, the editing, and many more.

Why do you think I should book you?

You are welcomed and actually encouraged to look around and find the right cinematographer that best suit your liking. After all, it is your wedding! We will not say we are the best in the industry but we believe we give the best in what we are doing. If you like us, we also do hope you would book us and trust us to handcraft your wedding film.

Thank you. Can we meet up sometime?

We can’t wait! Please drop us a call or email and we will arrange a time to meet up!