Rio & Yenny | Feature Film | “with love, to the moon and back”

Last year we met with a couple full of warmth, Rio & Yenny, who was as friendly a couple can really get.

We found out the story about how Rio has been trying to show Yenny his feeling toward her while they were still living in Melbourne few years back. Rio tried to show his attention to her by looking after he while she was sick, buying gifts, hanging out with her, and all the things a person in love would do. But apparently those weren’t enough to made Yenny realise that this guy is in love with her..

So he braved himself to confess to her about his feeling, to which Yenny was surprised to find out. Meanwhile, all his friends had already knew this was coming.. except Yenny :P

Rio is a rather calm and collected guy. Lots of smiles! Meanwhile, Yenny is quite the opposite with her laughter and cheerfulness. Another interesting thing is that Yenny is a child carer (in fact, for this reason we sent our son the the childcare where she works).. and Yenny has this ultimate desire to have lots of kids and if God-allows, she’d like to be a kids pastor. Combined with Rio gentleness and care.. we can only imagine how sweet their family would be!

We could not be happier for them. And we really wish them happiness in their family together. Most importantly, we wish them many, many kids in the future :)

With LOVE,

Cinematography by: Johannes, Jason, Jeremy
Edited by: Johannes
Hair & makeup by: Margareth Hair & Makeup
Song ‘When You Fall in Love” by Andrew Ripp and ‘Two’ by Analog Heart licensed via The Music Bed

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